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82, Rang 7, Montpellier, Qc, Canada


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Phone Number

+1 (819) 485-0644

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I want to help you develop an attractive, easy to maintain web presence, which delivers the results you want. Fell free to send me an email with your inquiries, questions, or any feedback. I will be very happy to answer your question. Use contact form below to send me quick email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Questions

Where Are You Located?

I'm located in the Canada, Québec, city of Montpellier

What currency do you use?

$ CAD - Canadien Dollar

Are You a PHP Development Company?

I am sole proprietor – independent contractor. I promote myself as a freelancer providing PHP development services one on one, rather than a team of programmers and a PHP development company. This limits my ability to take on large scale jobs due to time constraints

Do You Outsource PHP Programming?

I do not outsource any PHP programming work. When you hire me for website development services, you work directly with me, all work is completed by me.

How Can I Hire You?

Start a conversation by filling out the form in contact page. Once you communicate the details of the project, I will provide a programming quote. If you accept it, I will send a contract and invoice for deposit (depending on the size of the job).

How Do I Pay You?

When work is complete, I send an email invoice for services. I accept PayPal and credit cards. Payment is expected at the time services are rendered.

What Kind of Websites Do You Build?

All websites I build use the server side scripting language PHP and MySQL database.

I can build just about any website that you can clearly communicate the functionality to me.

Most of the time I am hired by small businesses needed programming support that they do no have in house. I custom code web applications to make their business function on the web, generating revenue and making them run more efficiently.

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I executes any customer services project with agility and speed so as to provide with a distinct advantage. I look for innovative ways to serve our client’s customers using a myriad of technologies and tools.

"I have been devoted to design for many years, my goal is to advance design and visuality and produce new styles."

Ceo founder - Bertrand Allard


All of the website development I do uses PHP programming. Feel free to contact me to discuss programming you need done.

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